Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike Review

Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid Bike Review

Schwinn has been a leader in the cycling industry for many years. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t grow up with a Schwinn or have experience with a bike from this manufacturer at some point in their life. They have a reputation for producing innovative, beautiful, fun to ride, highly adjustable bikes that are designed for both comfort and durability. While this bike doesn’t come with a ton of bells and whistles, one thing most consumers can agree on is this bike is built to last.

The Schwinn Discover Men’s hybrid bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike, offering the cyclist the best of both worlds. It comes with the patented Schwinn alloy crank and suspension fork, Shimano rear derailleur, twenty-one speed SRAM grip shifters, and Promax alloy linear pull brakes. These quality components were a big selling point for seasoned cyclists.

Discover Hybrid Bike for Men Assessment and Features

Putting this bike together can be complicated if you’ve never assembled a bike before, especially considering the included instructions are not very detailed. Typically, the assembly process will take one hour to complete. You’ll also need to make some adjustments to the rear and front derailleurs, which are not set up. The brakes need to be adjusted as well.

Overall, we found that the handgrip shifters are easy to use and the brakes are effective. The bike’s handlebars are highly adjustable, which is a big selling point for most riders.

The bike itself weighs in a forty pounds. Part of the weight is due to the bike’s sturdy construction. This model uses a city bike frame which is much stiffer than a typical steel bike frame and it’s suitable for both traditional city riding and trail riding.  This model features a shock absorption system on the seat post and fork, which are designed to provide a more comfortable, smoother ride over a variety of terrains. However, this style of frame isn’t recommended for riding over rough terrain or off-roading.

Both the seat suspension and front fork feel jerky and a little stiff but should loosen up over time, the more you ride.

The bike’s 700c tires are designed to easily grip dry or wet pavement and will hug uneven terrain such as dirt or gravel roads, so the bike won’t slide out from under you.

This model also features a swept-back handlebar design, which allows the rider to enjoy an upright riding position. On mountain bikes, most models feature a swept forward handlebar design, which requires the rider to take a more aggressive riding stance, leaning forward. But an upright riding position will work to reduce pressure on the back and shoulders, allowing the cyclist to enjoy a more casual riding style and take in the scenery.

Schwinn Hybrid Bike Pros and Cons

Discover Men's Hybrid Bike by SchwinnPros: This model comes with the standard twenty-one speed SRAM grip shifters, which allows you to effortlessly ride over a wide range of terrain types by simply clicking the shifter with your thumb. The included rear derailleur will allow for smooth, quick, and quiet gear shifting. The bike also offers a quick release for the front wheel, which makes it easier to transport this model. Keep in mind, this is one large bike and it’s not recommended for riders under five feet, nine inches. At its lowest setting this model measures in at thirty-six inches above the ground.  The bike’s shock absorbing post raises the seat an additional inch.

 Cons: This bike comes with a pretty basic stock saddle. It’s stiff, uncomfortable, and you’re bound to end up switching it out after your first ride. Another solution is to purchase a gel cover, which is a more affordable option.

While the assembly process won’t be difficult for buyers with experience, it’s definitely a tedious process that will no doubt have you spending one or two extra hours making adjustments. Another issue buyers had with this model is the plastic fenders. For the price, we feel the manufacturer should have included decent fenders that wouldn’t need to be replaced a few months down the line. These fenders don’t sit over the wheel perfectly centered and their cheap construction makes them almost useless.

Another major issue many consumers ran into involved problems with the bike’s tires, which seemed to pop pretty easily. One consumer reported this occurs frequently because the frame and the tires are mismatched.  Most consumers resolved this issue by contacting the Schwinn customer support team, who was quick to respond and remedy the issue by sending out a replacement tire. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem of reoccurring issues with these tires, so riders will need to upgrade.

Schwinn Hybrid Bike Conclusion and Rating

The Schwinn Discover hybrid bike for men has a lot going for it, mainly the quality components and sleeker frame design, but for some, the inability to travel off-road or hit up more challenging terrain is a total deal breaker.

The fact that the assembly process was so complicated for many, in addition to the calibration issues with the other components leaves us wondering why Schwinn failed to provide a more detailed instructions manual that could at the very least guide the newbie through the process. If you decide to hit that buy now button we recommend opting for the professional assembly service that Amazon currently offers or have the bike assembled at a local bike shop. You may not save any cash but you’ll save plenty of time and frustration over an assembly process that for many was just too complicated to deal with. Overall, we felt that this hybrid was a better choice for consumers searching for a bike that’s reliable, sturdy and can be used as a daily commuter or for riding around town. Cyclists who purchased this model gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for the solid frame, derailleurs and brakes, customer service support, and the overall quality.

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