Hybrid Bike Brands That Offer Only the Best

Hybrid Bike Brands

During a time when more and more people are becoming health conscious and active, the cycling industry is simply booming. And with this rise comes a boost in sales for hybrid bikes, which are bikes that are designed to ride just like both a mountain bike and a road bike. Some of the top hybrid bike brands include Diamondback and Schwinn. Both companies are currently competing as the top seller for this very specific style of bike. Both companies have a reputation for producing a wide range of bike styles and accessories, and both are also dedicated to creating high-quality hybrids offered at a reasonable price.

What is a Hybrid?

If you’re new to cycling, then you probably don’t know much about hybrids, or why they’re so popular. These bikes are designed for riding on off-road surfaces and paved roads. Because the hybrid isn’t a true mountain bike, they’re best for light to moderate dirt or gravel surfaces. This type of bike comes equipped with a sturdier frame and wider tires and is often used for commuting or fitness.

The basic features of the average hybrid include a soft, slim saddle, and an upright seating position. These bikes are designed for efficiency and comfort, so you probably won’t find many models that offer the totally laid-back riding position and wider saddle that’s commonly found on a comfort bike.

The hybrid typically has highly adjustable components, which allows the rider to customize their bike based on their preferred riding style. Many models offer shock absorbing suspension and components that are designed to handle trail rides or pavement.

Many manufacturers in the industry produce a variety of hybrid bike styles, but not every company is created equal. In fact, many companies that produce hybrid bikes tend to skimp on the quality of the bike’s components in order to keep the price low. But two companies, Schwinn and Diamondback are known for their high-quality, feature packed bikes, which is what makes their bikes so comfortable and durable.

The Rise of Diamondback

Diamondback bikes are sold all over the world including Bangladesh, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Aside from hybrids, this company also produces fitness, youth, BMX, mountain, and leisure bikes. Since their beginning in the late 1970s, this company has changed their name several times.

The company was founded in California by Western State Imports. They began by producing mainly BMX bikes that were sold under the brand Centurion. Quickly, their line expanded to include a variety of mountain bike styles as well. In fact, in the early 1980s, they produced the Ridge Runner, which was one of the first mountain bikes produced in the world. Pretty impressive, right?

During their first years of success, the company changed their name to Diamond Back, which later evolved into DiamondBack. In the late 1990s, the company changed hands and was sold to Derby Cycle Corporation.  The company was sold again in 2001 to Raleigh America.

These days, Diamondback bikes are made by Kinesis Industries, a company that’s Taiwanese based with a factory located in China that specializes in forks and frames.

To date, Diamondback remains one of the leading manufacturers of bicycles all over the world. Their newer models of hybrids including the Insight and the Insight 2 remain among the top selling models of hybrid bikes on Amazon.

Why Schwinn is So Iconic

Most people are familiar with the name Schwinn, a company that was founded in 1895. In the 1950s and 1960s, every kid dreamed of owning a Schwinn, especially the Razorback, a popular model that’s a symbol of that time period. These days, Schwinn continues to lead in the industry, producing a wide range of bike styles, accessories, and gear. They’ve even expanded their line further and produce jogging strollers, which are also huge sellers.

Their line of affordable hybrid bikes for men and women are best sellers, simply because everyone knows Schwinn bikes are designed to last. Not only do they often offer the longest warranties on their products, but they also include top-of the-line derailleurs, shifters, wheels, and more.

Because their name is so recognizable, most consumers who are new to cycling and aren’t familiar with hybrid bikes will instantly check out Schwinn’s line for affordable options.

Essentially, this company sells a couple of lines of bikes. One line is known as the Signature Series and it features higher-end models that are sold through specialty bike shops. Their other line consists of affordably priced bikes that you can find online, or at popular stores such as Sears, Wal-Mart, and Target.

Currently, Schwinn produces the following types of bikes: electric, kids, urban, hybrid, road, mountain, comfort, and cruisers. They also have a line of exercise bikes.

In addition to fitness bikes and their two main lines of bikes, Schwinn also produces a line of scooters.

As far as bike gear and accessories, they produce bike trailers, lights, saddles, pumps, pads, and helmets.

A Hybrid Bike Company You Can Trust

Schwinn and Diamondback aren’t the only names in the industry you can trust when it comes to finding a high-quality hybrid that’s reasonably priced. In fact, companies such as SixThreeZero, Northwoods, and Giordano, are also at the top of the list of companies to keep an eye out for.

So, What Should You Expect from a Lower Priced Hybrid?

Lower Priced Hybrid

Unlike Schwinn and the other companies we’ve mentioned, there are manufacturers that will produce lower quality hybrids that don’t come with decent components and features. Unfortunately, for the price, it’s almost too common. If you’re shopping for a new hybrid, at the very least the bike should feature decent brakes and derailleurs. If you’re buying from a new company or unknown brand, expect that some of the bike’s components will need to be upgraded sooner rather than later. We also don’t recommend buying a bike from an unknown brand if they don’t offer a warranty.

If possible, play it smart and opt for a new model only from hybrid bike brands you can trust.