Best Hybrid Bikes for Men and Women 2017

Best Hybrid Bikes

Shopping for the best hybrid bikes is never easy. It’s an important investment, especially if you plan on using the bike as your means of getting to and from work, so it requires some research before you buy.

Now that you’ve narrowed it down to the style of bike you want, which is the hybrid, you need to learn more about what this style of bike has to offer, the types of features and accessories you’ll need and hybrid brand names you can trust.

We’ve included an extensive hybrid bike buying guide, which explains the different feature options available, in addition to frame styles and materials, and important information about all of the other components that really matter when you’re trying to find the right bike for you.

If you’re new to cycling, then you may not know much about hybrid bikes in general, or how a hybrid bike is different than a road bike. Our article regarding hybrid bikes versus the road bike is very informative and will give you a better idea of the benefits the hybrid has to offer, the hybrid’s versatility is just one of them.

If you’re not familiar with many of the major hybrid bike brands, then you can learn quite a bit about some of the leaders in the industry by reading the article here.

Once you’ve learned how these bikes work and the benefits that come with riding a hybrid, you’re ready to narrow down your choices. We’ve included a list of the five top models of hybrid bikes on the market. Each of these bikes has something special to offer in terms of features, style, power, and durability. We’ve chosen these bikes based on how they tested with us and what consumers had to say regarding their experiences with each model.

Whether a bike has landed on this list because it offers the best value for the price, it has a reputation for power, it offers the most features or it’s simply the best, we feel confident that you’ll find a hybrid bike on here that you’ll love and one that will last you for several years to come.

Our goal was to create a site that you can rely on for your search to find the best hybrid bike on the market. We’ve covered every angle for you, so you can focus on educating yourself regarding the style, features, and model that will fit well with your lifestyle, budget, and cycling needs.

Hybrid Bike Comparison Chart

ProductFrame DesignColor OptionsTire SizeGearsPriceLink
Sixthreezero EVRYJourney Sixthreezero EvryJourney Women's Hybrid Bike ReviewWomen326 inch7$$$$$ Check Amazon Price
Schwinn Men's Volare
Schwinn Men's Volare 1200 Bike Review
Men1700c21$$$ Check Amazon Price
Schwinn Women's Wayfarer
Schwinn Women's Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle Review
Women1700c7$$$ Check Amazon Price
Northwoods Springdale
Northwoods Springdale Women's Hybrid Bike Review
Women1700c21$$ Check Amazon Price
Giordano RS700
Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike Review
Men1700c21$$$$ Check Amazon Price

Quick Summary

Sixthreezero EVERYJourney Women’s Hybrid Bike:

This is a stylish bike you can use for rides around town, but it’s also tough enough to handle daily use as a reliable commuter bike. Unfortunately, this bike does not handle rough terrain well, so it shouldn’t be used for off-roading.

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Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike:

This is a hybrid for the serious cyclist. While it’s perfect for riders of every fitness level, this bike is truly a work of art, but only in the right hands. This model can definitely use a few important upgrades, however, most seasoned cyclists agree that the quality frame adds plenty of value to a bike that we felt was seriously underpriced.

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Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle:

This bike is reasonably priced and versatile in terms of rider height. The bike works well for long distance riding on cultivated terrain but overall, we didn’t feel that the bike was able to handle any type of serious off-road riding.

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Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike:

This elegant, white, vintage inspired bike is not only eye-catching, it’s surprisingly lightweight and tough. It can be used for recreational riding or commuting and it’s designed with high-quality components so you won’t need to upgrade any of the features. It’s also affordably priced, and a great choice for the cyclist on a budget.

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Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike:

This bike works well as a daily commuter thanks to the solid construction, lightweight frame and the bike’s reputation for durability. It has a lot to offer in terms of high-quality features and it’s priced reasonably. However, it could use a couple of upgrades that would really improve performance.

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1. Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike Review-Best Hybrid Bike 2017

Schwinn Men's Volare 1200 Bike ReviewThe Schwinn Volare 1200 hybrid bike is lightweight, designed for a variety of riding styles, and impressively fast. This bike is perfect for commuting, training workouts, or casual rides through town.

The Volare features a rigid aluminum frame for better rider control, and twenty-one speed Shimano EZ-Fire shifters and rear Shimano derailleur. This model is also equipped with alloy wheels and crank, and a lifetime warranty.

This hybrid is designed for basic commuting or intense cycling workouts. It features a lightweight aluminum frame that will truly allow you to fly down the road as you expertly navigate the terrain.


This hybrid is designed mainly for cycling over cultivated terrain. The bike offers a ton of value if you’re willing to upgrade it in a couple of ways. The bike’s outstanding brakes, lightweight frame, and rims and tires are the biggest selling points for this model. The shifters are precise and offer easy movement.  Aside from a few components that could use an upgrade, this bike really does offer the best value than any other model in this price range. In fact, many cyclists can agree that the innovative design and quality frame can allow this bike to compete with hybrids that cost twice the price. The lifetime warranty gives consumers confidence that the manufacturer stands behind their product.


Some of the bike’s components are low quality and just begging for an upgrade in order to allow this bike to truly shine. This includes the handlebar grips, freewheel, and saddle. The saddle is rock hard and desperately needs a padded cover or an upgrade. The freewheel contains several loose bearings, which can lead to a knocking sound as you pedal. This is a common issue with lower priced hybrids. This is one component that can’t be repaired, so you’ll be better off upgrading it for thirty or forty dollars. Another component that will definitely need to be upgraded are the handlebar grips. They’re not firmly affixed so they tend to gradually twist downwards as you grip them. They’re also not very comfortable so an upgrade will be a major improvement. The tires are very thin, which is why we don’t recommend taking this hybrid off-roading or over uncultivated terrain.

The bike’s handlebars are not height adjustable, which is a big downside for taller riders.


We put this bike to the test, and sure, we ran into a few flaws. But the frame and most of the components make this bike worth every penny. If you do decide to upgrade the flywheel, handgrips, and saddle, you’re looking at an additional cost of eighty to a hundred dollars, which still makes this bike a great choice. You may not be able to take this bike on your next off-roading adventure, but it handles well on asphalt and concrete. The bike can be used as a reliable daily commuter, or you can use it as a serious workout bike. Overall, this is definitely a model we recommend and one that can last several years, with proper care and maintenance.

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2. Sixthreezero EvryJourney Women’s Hybrid Bike Review – Best Hybrid Bicycle for Women

Sixthreezero EvryJourney Women's Hybrid Bike ReviewThe Sixthreezero EvryJourney women’s hybrid bike is a seven-speed bike with a twenty-six-inch frame and it’s designed to easily handle a wide range of terrain types. This bike also comes equipped with twenty-six-inch wheels, matching full fenders, a synthetic leather saddle and matching rear and front hand brakes. A bike that has quite a bit to offer the woman who is searching for a reliable commuter, the EvryJourney is a tough bike that’s fun to ride and equipped with all the features you could want or need for a daily rider.

This model comes in three color options: teal, cream, or navy. It’s also decked out with matching rear and front fenders and features a lightweight and stylish step-through aluminum frame. The eye-catching design, bright colors, and sleek frame will allow the rider to travel in style, comfortably over a wide range of terrain types.

The bike also arrives almost fully assembled, so you don’t have to be a pro to finish the setup. All you’ll have left to do is add the handlebars, front wheel, saddle, and pedals.

This bike will work for most riders, whether you need a solid bike that can be used as a daily commuter, a bike you can take for a ride around town, or a model that can handle the bumpy terrain, thanks to the Shimano seven speed internal hub.

The bike is designed for riders with a height ranging from five feet up to six feet.

Next to safety, a comfortable ride is a priority. This model comes with a foot-forward saddle position that allows the cyclist to place their feet firmly on the ground.

The bike also comes with two-inch semi-slick tires which allow the cyclist to ride the curves with safety and precision. You won’t have to worry about sliding or skidding ever again.


For most buyers, this model was fast and easy to assemble, since most of the assembly process is done for you. This bike is designed with rider comfort in mind. The bike features a lower center of gravity which will help the rider to dismount and mount the bike easily while maintaining proper leg extension and keeping the back upright. The bike is designed for long distances, offers a lightweight frame and is perfect for users of all fitness levels.


If you’re looking for a bike to take on steep trails or off-roading, then this is not the best bike for you. It’s a great choice for moderate inclines, riding around town, or using as a daily commuter on cultivated terrain.


The EvryJourney by Sixthreezero is a great bike for anyone who’s looking for a comfortable stable bike that can go the distance. However, we found that this bike does not handle rough terrain well, which is why we recommend it only for rides on cultivated terrain. Overall, it’s a beautiful bike that’s both reliable and sturdy, so it’ll make a great choice for the casual rider or daily commuter.

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3. Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle Review – Best Durability

Schwinn Women's Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle ReviewThe Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer hybrid bike is a seven-speed model that comes equipped with a Shimano patented rear derailleur, alloy rear and front brakes, and a steel retro urban style frame. It’s a good choice for women in need of a reliable commuter or a bike that can be used for recreational purposes.

This hybrid is available in one color, which is best described as a light cream.

This model comes with tough, 700c tires that are durable and stable enough to handle a wide range of terrain types, although the bike itself isn’t designed for off-roading.

The seven included gears are more than enough to get you easily up steep hills or tougher terrain. There have been reports that the gears tend to stick the first few times the bike is ridden, but this issue is fairly common and should resolve itself the more you ride.

The bike is ideal for riders five feet to five feet, nine inches tall. The bike’s wheels are twenty-six inches. Because they’re street wheels, you can expect them to be much thinner than the type of tires you’d find on a mountain bike, which is also one of the reasons we don’t recommend you attempt taking this bike off-roading.  Both the saddle and handlebars are highly adjustable for ultimate comfort, allowing you to enjoy the perfect height.

This model comes with a detailed instructions manual and offers a fairly straightforward assembly process. Basic assembly involves adding the handlebars, front fender and wheel, saddle, pedals, and the bell. For most buyers, installing the handlebars was the trickiest part because of the front brake lines.

The included fenders are made from metal, not plastic, but the metal is thinner than what we’d recommend for riders who journey out in inclement weather. There have been reports that the fenders tend to bend easily.

The bike’s front brakes will slow you down, which is why many riders reported that they don’t often use them. The rear brakes work well, offering excellent stopping power.

On the rear of the bike you’ll find a flat surface where you can attach a basket or pannier bags.


Overall, this bike offers great quality for the price. The seven speeds are perfect for light trail riding, street riding, and recreational fun. The seat is comfortable enough for shorter rides, however, if you plan on long distance rides you may want to upgrade.

If you don’t have any experience with bike assembly, Amazon currently offers full assembly for an additional charge.


Some buyers had complaints regarding the rear brakes, stating that the brakes simply couldn’t be adjusted. When Schwinn customer service was contacted regarding this issue, they stated it was a production defect and offered to send a new rear brake system.


The cool retro feel this bike offers, in addition to a smoother ride makes the Wayfarer worth the price. You’ll love how it handles cultivated terrain, the easy to use gear system, lightweight design and the bike’s overall power and class.

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4. Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike Review – Best Value

Northwoods Springdale Women's Hybrid Bike ReviewThe Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike is designed for around town commuting and recreational use. This model comes equipped with a lightweight, handcrafted aluminum frame, 700c tires, and a Shimano rear derailleur. The bike also features a twenty-one gear system with seamless gear changes.

This commuter also comes with linear pull brakes, alloy rims, and a quick release seat clamp.


The bike’s wheels are twenty-eight inches, which will work for riders five feet two inches up to six feet.

While this bike doesn’t come with quick-release wheels, the fact that it comes with an advanced braking system more than makes up for the lack of this feature. The brakes not only offer a smoother, safer ride, but they’re all-around more responsive.

The bike’s tires are designed to match demands between a cruiser and a road bike, while still offering the type of versatility the user needs in terms of terrain or riding in inclement weather.

The bike’s design encourages the cyclist to ride in an upright position, which helps to improve posture while reducing strain on the back, shoulders, and arms.

The bike’s front and rear fenders help to protect the rider and the bike from dirt, water, and debris.

The dual suspension provides a smoother riding experience. The rear derailleur will make changing gears much easier and smoother.


No bike is perfect, although the Northwoods hybrid comes pretty close. Aside from the high-quality components, great brakes and gear system, we did come across some flaws.

Some riders felt that that bike’s frame, which weighs twenty-five pound, was a little on the heavy side. While the bike’s general assembly is pretty easy, some consumers found it difficult to adjust the brakes and derailleur.

There have also been reports that some parts of the bike were missing. While this isn’t very common, it does happen. In cases such as these, you can contact the manufacturer for replacement parts. Fortunately, the Northwoods customer service team has a reputation for being very helpful and quick to respond.

Another common issue is the saddle, which many riders felt was too hard. This is a common issue complaint cyclists have with stock seats and it can be changed out if you decide to upgrade and buy a compatible saddle online.


If your goal is to find an affordable, reliable hybrid that can get you to and from work or a bike you can use recreationally, you’ll love the Northwood’s Springdale hybrid bike for women. It comes with high-quality components, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading later down the line, and the bike itself is very easy to setup and maintain. You may run into issues when it comes to adjusting the derailleur, but you can have it expertly adjusted at any bike shop. Overall, this bike received plenty of positive feedback from consumers who finally found a bike that can handle a wider variety of riding conditions and terrain types and one that offers optimal safety and durability.

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5. Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike Review – Most Versatile

Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike ReviewThe Giordano RS700 hybrid bike comes with 700c wheels, a flat handlebar design, an aluminum steel fork and frame and a twenty-one-speed Shimano shifter.

Assembly time will take about an hour.

The bike offers a quiet, smooth ride without any grinding or rattling noises. The shifting is surprisingly good, thanks to the Shimano shifting system.


The hybrid bike offers a design that’s a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. But most models tend to lean one way more than the other. The RS700 offers the feel of a mountain bike, due to the flat handlebar design. However, it still offers a more comfortable ride.

This model is a good choice for buyers who need a reliable daily commuter or a bike they can use for training. This model is also available in a couple of size options: medium or large.

This hybrid comes with Shimano derailleurs and shifter, both of which offer top level performance. The twenty-one-speed gear system makes this bike suitable for challenging or hilly terrain. Shifting gears is quick and this system allows you to climb steep hills at a higher speed compared to other models in this price range.

Made from aluminum, the lightweight frame and fork are incredibly durable.

This hybrid is ideal for riders five feet, nine inches, to six feet, two inches tall.


The decals on the bike are somewhat of an eyesore. They look like they’ve been casually slapped onto the frame. Most cyclists remedied this issue by simply removing them. Many buyers also reported that brake pads the bike comes with should be replaced. The shifting system needs a lot of adjustment straight out of the box, which can be difficult for consumers with no experience in this area.

The bike’s wheels tend to squeak loudly when braking.


The Giordano RS700 hybrid bike is well-built, lightweight, and surprisingly fast. This bike allows you to fly down hills and enjoy an overall smoother riding experience. The brake system and shifters are top notch, while the handlebars will encourage you to take a more aggressive riding stance, which is perfect if you’re searching for the right bike to challenge you and help you get back in shape. The lightweight frame will encourage a longer ride time, while the shifter allows you to seamlessly switch gears based on terrain type. This is a bike we highly recommend for dirt roads, asphalt, and concrete. It’s tough enough to handle daily lengthy commutes and sturdy and safe enough to be used for some intense training. Overall, for the price, we would have liked to have seen better quality tires that were machined well in order to prevent that squeaking noise when braking, an issue that many consumers complained about.  For most consumers, this issue was not a deal breaker. We highly recommend this model for beginners or cyclists who need a bike for daily commutes.

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Hybrid Bike Buying Guide

Hybrid Bike Buying Guide

A hybrid bike is a great option if you plan to mainly use your bike for recreational riding or for commuting to and from work. Hybrids are ideal for people who are just getting into cycling. The best hybrid bikes will be able to handle a variety of terrain without much fuss, so you can enjoy the ride and remain motivated to keep riding towards your fitness goals.

Most people who are new to cycling don’t know much about hybrids or what they actually are. The hybrid is a combination of a mountain bike and a standard road bike. The design takes some of the best features from both types and creates a machine that’s comfortable to ride over a variety of terrain types and surfaces.

Hybrid styles do vary. Some models take more of an influence from road bikes while others will offer more of a mountain bike feel. This will often influence how well a model can cope with off-road or uneven terrain or it can affect how fast it can fly over cultivated terrain.

The hybrid’s frame is fairly relaxed. This means it comes with a tall head tube and a shorter top tube, offering the user the ability to sit in a relaxed, upright riding position which is much more comfortable than what you’d normally get from a basic mountain bike. Many hybrids also feature a top tube design that slopes downward from the front of the bike, which makes it easier to get on and off.

How to Choose the Top Hybrid Bike

Before you begin your search for the right hybrid, ask yourself the following questions:

•    What type of riding do you plan to do?

•    Is quality a priority or is price more important?

•    What is your budget like?

•    Do you plan on buying a basic model and upgrading the components over time?

•    How long do you want this bike to last?

When it comes to style, there are some variations that can accommodate your preferences. Comfort or cruiser style hybrids are much slower than a traditional mountain bike, but they offer a vintage appeal, in addition to step-through features, cushier saddles, suspension systems, and they’re more user-friendly for people who prefer a bike that’s lower to the ground.

If you plan on using your hybrid mainly for commuting, a hybrid with a city frame can come equipped with lights, fenders, racks, and basically everything you need for street riding. If you plan to climb hills, ride longer distances, and work to get in shape, you want a bike that’s going to be comfortable to ride. These bikes offer lightweight frames, better rider handling, and easy climbing. Hybrids pedal and roll better and are much lighter than traditional bikes or mountain bikes.

Bike Tires

So, which type of features can vary between models? Tires are one of the simplest, most visible differences.

Hybrids with a cruiser style have smaller tires, usually around twenty-six inches, which is the standard size that’s often found on mountain bikes. These tires are usually wider and provide a comfortable cushion of air so you can handle rough terrain easier. Plus, you can also choose to install knobby tires if you decide you want to ride on dirt roads and trails.

Hybrid bikes with city frames often use the 700c road bike tires. These tires roll more easily on pavement and are lighter. They’re also perfect for climbing and acceleration. You’ll find this size available in different widths or with different types of tread.

Frame Materials

Frame Materials

The backbone of any bicycle is the frame, and just like other types of bikes, hybrid models come in a variety of different frame materials.

Aluminum: This material is both strong and light, it’s also rust and corrosion resistant and affordable. However, it’s somewhat heavier than a carbon fiber frame.

Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber is the strongest and the lightest material used and it’s also corrosion and rust resistant, but much more expensive than aluminum.

Suspension for a More Comfortable Ride

The suspension fork is a common feature found on models of hybrids. The fork compresses to absorb impacts from obstacles, ruts, cracks, bumps, and uneven terrain. It will insulate the rider from jolts and offers a more comfortable and smoother ride that ensures the cyclist will remain in control over rougher surfaces.

Another excellent feature found on some hybrids is the suspension seat post. This component helps smooth rough terrain by absorbing vibrations. Keep in mind that if you find a bike you’re interested in and it doesn’t come with suspension, it may be possible to add one.

Gearing Designs

Gearing is probably one of the greatest advances in bike technology. With modern bikes, it’s much easier than ever before to switch gears, which equals a much smoother ride. But for some consumers who haven’t ridden a bike in years or even decades, knowing what type of gear system, or how many gears they’ll need can be confusing.

This is one of the reasons we recommend thinking about where you plan to ride before you choose a bike. If where you live mostly consists of flat terrain, then you can probably get by on a hybrid that has fewer gears.

Regardless of which type of gearing system you choose, most modern hybrids shift with a simple push of a button. Also, most of these bikes will show you the exact gear you’re in, so there’s no more worrying about damaging the gearing system if you accidentally put it in the wrong gear.

Which Brakes are Best?

Most hybrids are equipped with linear brakes, hub brakes, or direct-pull brakes.

You may also see some models that feature disc brakes, which is the newest type of brakes. These brakes sport rotors and calipers located at the center of the wheels. This style is very popular because they offer the rider more braking control in descents and perform well in muddy, slippery conditions.

Hub brakes are often found on bikes that are designed for less intense riding and are more designed for low maintenance and durability.

Generally speaking, every bike will come equipped with the type of brakes that are best suited for the style of riding the bike was designed for. Keep in mind that there’s really nothing like test riding a bike in order to feel the difference in the brake systems to determine what you like.


The right saddle will have an ergonomic design and should be supportive and versatile. A saddle will come equipped with features and materials designed to promote rider comfort. You’ll find cutouts and anatomical shapes that work to eliminate pressure applied to soft tissues, gel padding, cushioning springs, and flexible frames. With a higher priced hybrid, you may find a stock saddle that offers all of these features.

Saddle comfort, or lack thereof, is probably the most common complaint cyclists have with stock models. But everyone is different, so you should sit on the saddle and try it out to ensure it’s the right one for you. Even higher quality saddles may feel uncomfortable until they’re broken in. Considering the saddle is the most common bike component that’s upgraded, don’t allow an uncomfortable seat to deter you from purchasing the bike that you want. Saddles can be easily swapped out for a better model.

Bike Size

Determining the right bike size frame can be confusing for beginners. While a road bike commonly comes in sizes such as sixty, fifty-four, or fifty-two, commuter bikes and hybrids are either small, medium, or large. As bike engineering continues to change, size terminology also changes. You may even find hybrid size options such as fifteen inches or twenty inches. Because of this, it’s important that you pay attention to the manufacturer’s sizing chart in order to determine which frame will work the best for your height. And keep in mind that sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So while you may need a medium hybrid through Schwinn, a large may be a better fit for you if you choose a Diamondback hybrid.

Cycling Accessories

Best Bike Brakes

Let’s not forget about all the accessories you’ll need for the road. Hybrids are known for their overall versatility and this extends to the number of accessories that are designed either specifically for hybrids or are compatible with them.

Most models will come with pre-fitted fenders, especially bikes that are designed specifically for urban cyclists or are meant to be daily commuters. Cyclists who ride their bikes in a wide range of weather conditions, including the rain, will need a good set of fenders to make their riding experience a little easier and safer. Hybrids that don’t come equipped with attached fenders will at the very least have mounting points on the frame that will allow you to install full-length fenders for extra riding protection. These drilled eyelets also allow you to attach pannier racks that can be placed to the rear of the bike, so you can carry a pannier bag instead of wearing a backpack. Again, some models will come with these pre-fitted. Wicker or wire front baskets are also another popular accessory for hybrids. There’s a wide variety of baskets to choose from and most models are simple to install. You can also purchase a basket cover, which will help to keep your possessions secure and dry when riding.

In certain cities, front and rear lights and a bell are required. But even if they’re not a state requirement, you should install them on your bike if you plan to ride at night. They’ll significantly increase your visibility in wet weather or low light conditions.

A bike computer can also be handy. The simplest models are perfect for keeping track of the distance you’ve covered and your ride time. Advanced models with GPS also allow the cyclist to track and map routes.

You’ll also want to plan on purchasing a helmet. Keep in mind that helmets weaken with age.

Miscellaneous accessories for commuting and fitness include all-weather cycling jackets and pants, cycling shoes to increase your pedaling power, waterproof panniers, and padded gloves.

The Benefits of Cycling with a Hybrid

Cycling on a hybrid is not only one of the more affordable ways to ride, but it also offers many health benefits.

Most people consider hybrids as fitness style bikes. Because they offer a more comfortable ride in combination with the durability of a mountain bike, you’ll have more options in terms of where you can ride. These bikes tend to be popular among occasional riders, fitness enthusiasts, and general cyclists.

Because these bikes encourage the rider to sit in an upright position, the rider will enjoy improved posture and increased blood circulation, improved digestion, and a faster metabolism. Because riders can take their hybrids over many different terrain types, they can also enjoy a tougher workout that can burn calories and fat, compared to someone who rides a cruiser or comfort bike.

If you’re used to riding a mountain bike or road bike, then you’re bound to notice almost immediately how much more comfortable riding a hybrid really is. You’ll enjoy many of the same health benefits, but with the hybrid, you won’t experience upper and lower back pain or have to deal with the added tension in the shoulders and neck that often accompany a long ride on a mountain bike. With a hybrid, you’ll just feel better. And with this lack of soreness and discomfort comes more motivation to hop back on your bike more consistently, for an intense, low-impact cardio workout.

If weight loss is your goal, then a bike with a wide range of gears, a tough, lightweight frame, and a comfortable seat can help you along your fitness journey. Hybrids are much lighter than other styles of bikes, so you won’t have the added weight of the frame to drag around when you’re climbing hilly terrain.

Because the wheels on these bikes are often stronger and thinner, the cyclist will be able to pedal faster, which in turn will result in more calories burned over a short period of time.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the best hybrid bike for you will be one that can handle the type of terrain in your area. It should also be a bike that’s reliable for daily use if you plan to use your bike as a commuter.

Obviously, the bike you choose should also work with your budget. However, while price is important, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.